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    Mourning Veil

    Old Photographs

    Two older women posing together, one of them sitting down, the other one standing. The woman standing is wearing a dark mourning veil, and if you look closely, you can also see some dark lace showing behind the other woman’s head – perhaps she is also wearing a veil, albeit a smaller one? Are they both in mourning over a loss of someone? There is no information available of the women or their stories, except for two words scribbled in…

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  • Old Photographs

    Going Skiing

    Photograph of an outdoorsy couple posing with skis in a studio setting. Both are dressed in winter clothes, including gloves, hats and coats. Someone has slightly smutched the picture with…

  • Old Photographs

    Costume Photography from 1875

    Two photographs of two different women wearing somewhat unusual costumes. One looks like it could be a traditional costume of some sort, but I do not know about the subject…

  • Old Photographs

    One of Ecklin’s Boarders

    A photograph of a woman posing with a cat that has a bow ribbon on its neck. Both the woman’s and the cat’s name are written on the photograph: the…

  • Old Photographs

    Not Always So Formal

    Two pictures of the same woman: the first one being a portrait of her on hew own, and the second one showing her with (most likely) her husband. I find…