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Old Photographs

A photograph of a man playing the violin with his eyes closed, his expression serene and focused at the same time. His thin-framed eyeglasses are only just visible in the picture. A wrist watch peeks from the cuff of his left sleeve, and on both of his little fingers he is wearing a ring. The identity of the man is unknown. The picture has been taken in photography studio Valokuvaamo Salo in Salo, Finland, most likely at some point during…

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Old Photographs

Memory of Aunt Tilda and Bobbi

Photograph of a curly-haired small dog with a collar and a bow on its neck. Someone, most likely a child, has written on the back of the photograph: “Minne av tant Tilda…

Old Photographs

The White Coffin

Picture of a horse-drawn hearse carrying a white coffin on a snowy country road. The photograph dates from approximately the 1920’s, and has most likely been taken in Finland. The photographer and…