Book Journal

This book journal is not a place of in-depth literary analysis, but rather a collection of thoughts concerning some of the books I have read. I try to avoid revealing any spoilers as carefully as I can. If a post contains possible spoilers about the book or a book series, there will be a mention of it at the beginning of the post. Also, because I have decided to write about the books in the same language that I read them, this book journal will have entries both in English and in Finnish. The ratings I give to the books are based purely on my own tastes and how much I liked the book.

How are the books rated?

As you can see, the rating system I use here is not perfectly equivalent to the one used on Goodreads, and because of this the ratings I give to books on this site and on Goodreads may seem different at a first glance. This is because I don’t particularly like the explanations of what each amount of stars means as a rating in the Goodread’s rating system (1 = didn’t like it, 2 = it was okay, 3 = liked it, 4 = really liked it, 5 = it was amazing).

I think these definitions make the scale unbalanced; there are too many ways to express that I liked the book, and not enough ways to tell that I didn’t. Three stars (or skulls) would, in my opinion, be far more suitable rating than two stars/skulls for a book that was “okay”; not bad, but nothing spectacular either.

Rating Meaning
Really liked it.
Liked it.
It was okay.
Not my cup of tea.
Not even sorry for not liking it.

Sometimes, if the book deserves it,
a HEART can also be given!