A photograph of a woman posing with a cat that has a bow ribbon on its neck. Both the woman’s and the cat’s name are written on the photograph: the woman was named Märtha, and the cat was called Mirkku (written without a capital letter on the photo for some reason). The back of the photograph offers even more information: “Märtha Pilke, eräs Ecklinin (Kangasmaan) täysihoitolaisista”, which translates as “Märtha Pilke, one of Ecklin’s (Kangasmaa’s) boarders”. I think it might be possible to find out more about Märtha based on the information here if I just knew where to go searching.

The photograph was taken in Turku, Finland, at Art Studio photography studio, in 1917 (as is also written on the back of the photograph).

Written by Elmchilde
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