For almost a year now I have tried to get along using only the calendar application on my phone to keep track of my errands, but it simply hasn’t been enough. It was only a matter of time before I’d return to using a paper calendar anyway, but it probably would have taken a lot longer were it not for the fact that I was re-introduced to Filofax planners, through which I found out about inspiring ways of keeping and decorating a planner. I knew instantly I couldn’t bear to continue using my phone’s calendar app as my main calendar any longer. As a remedy, I ordered myself a planner — a lovely personal-sized Filofax Malden.

Pictured above: no pink or pastels in sight.

Pictured above: no pink or pastels in sight.

My brand new, shiny planner finally arrived on Wednesday. I probably look like Homer Simpson thinking of doughnuts every time I pick it up. I had prepared for the planner’s arrival in advance by acquiring some washi tapes, stickers and decorative papers. This has proved to be trickier than I thought, because most of the available things seem to fall into the category of “pink, pastels, bright, happy and cute”, and while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, these things just don’t match my aesthetic tastes, which reside somewhere in the area of “dark, melancholic and slightly sinister”. As a result planner-y things that feel like “my type” seem to be in short supply, and while by bank accounts is thankful for this, the situation has left me with little material for decorating my planner. I did make my first attempt, though:

On the left, there is a list explaining the symbols I’ll be using on the calendar. Not much to see there. On the right you’ll find this week’s spread. The writings I’ve blurred, but my sad failure is clearly visible. Notice how the original text under that washi tape is showing on the upper right corner of the right-side page? The white strip of paper was meant to go there, but for some reason it didn’t. Oh well.

Progress with the planner might be reported on this blog from time to time, when there is something to show and/or tell. Meanwhile, I’d be very happy if someone could suggest places where I could find things suitable for planner decoration that go well with my non-pink-and-pastels type of taste. (If you do leave a comment, you’ll be the first one to do so! So far I’ve just been babbling here on my own.)

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