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I’m one of those people who find shopping for clothes (and everything related) similar to a visit to the dentist — horrifyingly unpleasant, but necessary at times all the same. Because of this I tend to acquire new additions to my wardrobe only when absolutely necessary. The situation with my shoes has been dire for a long time, and I probably should have replaced them last year already, but I hoped they would last for another summer. They did… kind of.

Egads, what monstrosity! Säde is appalled.

Egads, what monstrosity!
Säde is appalled.

But it couldn’t be denied any longer: my poor shoes were literally falling apart. A gaping hole had appeared at the sole of both shoes, and the soles themselves were unevenly worn out, making them strangely sloped. This, in turn, twisted my ankles slightly in an uncomfortable angle, and walking with these shoes was slowly becoming an unpleasant and even painful experience. I’d say it was about time that I endured the burden of buying new shoes.

Mostly thanks to my darling wife the whole thing went better than expected. I didn’t die, and I returned home with a new pair of footwear! Hooray! So, now I have new shoes, that 1) are black, 2) are suitable for summer, and 3) do not have any annoying and unnecessary details. In short, they are just plain, black shoes that hopefully will serve me well for at least a few years.

Because of this great success, this post will be tagged with the glorious “events of celebration” tag. All is well and I won’t have to buy shoes for at least… no, wait. I need new shoes for winter as well. But that is months from now! And maybe, maybe my winter boots will last for one more winter if I wish hard enough…

(This has been an incredibly high priority blog update. You may carry on now with whatever it was you were doing.)

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